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How to find a lab

The directory, "annuaire.recherche", will open directly to a page called Recherche d’unité (“Looking up a research unit”).

If you know the code of the lab, type that here (the code is a combination of three letters -usually UMR for CNRS units affiliated with universities or other organizations, or UPR, for CNRS in-house labs- and numbers which identify the lab).

If you know the name of the lab, type it (or part of it) here.

If you don't have any of this information, you can search according to the field of research using the scroll-down menu called Section to choose the research field which most closely matches that of the lab you are looking for. (List of the sections)

Sections, often refered to by number, constitute a break-down of the fields of knowledge, and are used to classify job listing for recruitment campaigns.

Once you have selected the relevant Section, click on "Rechercher" to perform the search. You will get a list of labs working in the chosen field.

By clicking on the lab code, you will get more administrative information and a link to the lab's home page. Feel free to make contact with the director.


  • Code unité= lab code
  • Intitulé (sigle)= lab name
  • Directeur(s)= lab director name
  • Ville(s)= geographical location of the lab