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CNRS Talents
Gold, Innovation, Silver and Bronze medalists

Each year, the CNRS rewards researchers who have made exceptional contributions to their respective fields. The bronze and silver medals honor young and established scientists, while the CNRS gold medal celebrates outstanding careers and the medal of innovation recognizes scientific research with leading industrial applications.

Barbara Cassin, 2018 CNRS gold medallist

The Gold medal

The CNRS Gold Medal is awarded annually to scientific figures who have made an exceptional contribution, in a range of disciplines, to the innovation and influence of French research.

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2016 innovation medallists

The Innovation medal

The CNRS Medal of Innovation rewards outstanding scientific research with innovative applications in the technological, therapeutical and societal fields thus promoting French scientific research.

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2016 silver medallists

The Silver medal

The CNRS Silver Medal honors researchers who are only at the beginning of their rise to fame, but who are already recognized nationally and internationally for the originality, quality, and importance of their work.

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2016 bronze medallists

The Bronze medal

The CNRS Bronze Medal recognizes a researcher's first work, which makes that person a specialist with talent in a particular field.

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