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Positions for PhD students, postdoctoral fellows

PhD students

PhD students at CNRS

As part of its mission to train tomorrow's researchers through practical experience, CNRS offers positions to PhD students who wish to prepare a thesis after completing their postgraduate studies. These students are enrolled in a doctoral program and assigned to a CNRS research laboratory under a three-year contract.

Candidates must:

  • have been enrolled in a doctoral program for less than six months,
  • have a research project,
  • possibly have a partner (company, regional government, other organization) committed to co-funding their recruitment.

The research topics are then chosen in cooperation with CNRS and a partner company and/or region. A contract is drawn up between the partner and CNRS specifying both parties' contributions , determining how research will proceed, and including provisions for publications and industrial property.

Contracts for disabled PhD students

A driving force in researchers' training, CNRS offers PhD contracts to disabled students who seek additional training after completing their postgraduate studies. This training must result in the completion of a thesis.

These contracts are specially funded by the institution as part of its national policy to help the disabled and its partnership with the FIPHFP (fund for the integration of disabled people in the public sector). They are intended to supplement the institution's overall employment offer and are not exclusive of any other types of PhD scholarships that could be granted to disabled students pursuing a dissertation project as part of the funding of ordinary PhD contracts.

The beneficiaries of these contracts will work, as their respective academic schedules permit, in a CNRS research laboratory or associated unit. Each contract is for three years, during which the beneficiary must be registered each year in a PhD program.

Postdoctoral fellows

Throughout the year, CNRS offers temporary contracts (temporary researcher positions) to postdoctoral fellows for specific research projects. These positions can cover all scientific disciplines, depending on the laboratories' needs.

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