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External and internal mobility

CNRS offers secondments to permanent employees from other administrations, in or outside France, provided that certain statutory conditions are fulfilled.

Secondment from another administration

CNRS offers positions to agents made available by other government administrations or French or foreign public bodies. These positions can be either short- (up to 6 months) or long-term (6 months to 5 years, renewable in 5 year-periods ). The agents are paid by the host organization but continue to enjoy promotion and retirement benefits in their organization of origin. Transfer back to the original organization takes place upon the agent's request.

Internal mobility within CNRS

The internal mobility scheme for engineers and technicians is aimed at filling priority positions in the various offices, departments, institutes and laboratories of CNRS prior to launching a new round of recruitment examinations. Called NOEMI (new vacancies within the CNRS internal mobility scheme), the program includes two campaigns each year, in the spring and in the winter.

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