People Finder


The People Finder allows you to search for researchers and staff members who work in CNRS labs and service units, whether they are permanent CNRS employees or employees of other organizations affiliated with CNRS.

You can search according to last name (maiden or married name) and/or first name.

The results are, for now, in French, and provide the following information:

  • Mél=e-mail address
  • Tél. professionnel=work phone number
  • Unité=name and code for lab or service unit (click on link for administrative information about the unit)
  • Lieu de travail=city where lab is situated
  • Appartenance=employer, ie. CNRS or a university or other research organization (as non-CNRS employees work in CNRS joint labs and service units)
  • Délégation=administrative region overseeing the lab (there are 20 of these throughout France)
  • DS=Research department (there are 8 of these)
  • Section=section of the National Committee for Scientific Research, the evaluative body overseeing recruitment, and researcher and lab evaluation (there are 41 sections, representing subfields of scientific research)



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For the attention of the staff of CNRS and of his partners

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